About Me

Hey , what’s up Uncle B’s visitors. For those who wants to know me . My name is Kriz Lawrence A. Geraldizo but others call me Kriz. I preferred to be called by my first name rather than my last name because my first name sounds a lil bit cooler than my last name (No Honorifics :D).I’m a guy and I live in Philippines, and of course my nationality is Filipino(100% pinoy). I’m 21 years old and unfortunately still single. So yeah, I’m still available and if ever you want to know me better please go to my CONTACT PAGE. So for my hobbies, I like reading Horror Stories and playing video games. Guess you can call me an INDOOR guy. I spend more time at home than going outside. I’m currently addicted to a video game called DOTA 2, if you want to play with me, this is my STEAM ID: 123456789. i’m looking forward to play with ya guys. I guess that’s all.

So if ever you want to follow me, this is what i look like at the back. 😀


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